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The Herbal Medic


Advanced Survival Training Standard

  • Difficulty Rating

    Level 2

  • Duration

    7 Days / 6 Nights

  • Locations

    Colorado, Missouri, Virginia

Note from the President: Sam Coffman is in my opinion the single best medicinal plants guy in the country. He has more time and experience in these skills than anyone I have ever had the privilege to train with. He has created this specialized course just for SIGMA 3 students! He regularly setups remote medical outposts in central America and treats people using medicinal plants at these centers. He is by far one of the most experienced people on the planet in herbal medicine! Sam is the best of the best in this specialized field and we are happy to welcome him to the SIGMA 3 Team!

The Herbal Medicherbal medic field guide
Taught by Sam Coffman, this 40-hour course is focused on quickly getting students up to speed with the most practical and useful aspects of plant medicine.  Whether you are a complete beginner or already have some experience in the study of herbalism, this 1-week class will give you an immense amount of information and hands-on experience in the most fundamental and useful concepts that plant medicine has to offer in any bio-region.

During this information-packed course, Sam will cover the following topics:

• Overview of concepts, terminology and healing perspectives of modern and historical herbalism, and how these concepts apply to practical herbalism in the home, a remote area or post- disaster situationsam coffman wild plants

• Herbal preparations:  Class will make alcohol tinctures (fresh and dried), liniments, salves and syrups to take home • Field first aid using plant medicine:  Addressing trauma and acute illness in the field using plant medicine.  This section will also cover poultices, plasters, tooth & gum care, herbal first aid kits, storing and using herbs in the field, remote and post-disaster considerations

• Materia medica:  These are the herbs you learn to use.  They are the plant medicine pharmacy.  In this class you will learn the top 5 -10 herbs for each of several organ systems, to include: o Lymphatic herbs – Preventing the onset of illness, and increasing your body’s natural immunity o Resp

iratory herbs – Working with upper and lower respiratory infections and illness Urinary tract herbs – Helping the body heal infections of the yarrowupper and lower urinary tracts o Gastrointestinal herbs – Preventing GI sickness, dealing with nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.  Healing GI infections and illness o Wound healing – Working with open and closed (sprains, dislocations, bone injury) wounds in the field

• Plant Identification and wildcrafting:  Plant identification walks, introduction to botany concepts, harvesting  and working with wild medicine • Herbal Formulas:  Sam will teach you several formulas for a variety of acute and chronic health conditions that include multiple herbs from the materia medica.  Beyond just teaching basic formulas, he will give you a method to create your own formulas so that you can adapt to work with whatever herbs are available to you.

Sam Coffman – Bio

Sam Coffman is the founder and director at The Human Path. He is also co-founder of “Herbal Medics” – a non instructor-sam coffmanprofit organization with the goal of teaching and using plant medicine ad self-sustainability in remote, post-disaster and inner-city areas.

Sam’s medical background started as a U.S. Special Forces (a.k.a. “Green Beret”) medic in 1989, during which time he began learning and using plant medicine as a backup form of medicine in remote and field environments when medical supplies ran low. Since that time, aside from 1000’s of clinical hours in the field and emergency rooms as a Special Forces Medic (over the course of 6 years), he has also worked as a clinical herbalist and herbology teacher.

He currently directs courses at his survival and herbology school as well as leading clinical trips with his non-profit Herbal Medics to remote areas in Nicaragua and elsewhere, running herbal clinics for over 100 people per day and creating sustainable health-care solutions (such as off-grid water purification and power generation, etc.) in regions where there are no alternatives.  These trips to remote areas include his own integrated herbal medic teams, local doctors and naturopaths.

He works as a clinical herbalist and runs a student herbal clinic in the San Antonio, TX area.  He integrates the “ditch medicine” of U.S. Special forces with his 25+ years of experience as an herbalist into a blend of post-disaster or remote herbal medicine that is practical, useful and highly effective.

Sam has written a field manual and is currently working on a book about herbalism at home for both the everyday as well as the post-disaster environments.

Extra Material Costs: There is a $100 extra charge if you would like to take home a complete herbal kit made during the course. Sam brings in some elaborate herbs from all over the country to make some of these medicines, and some of them are expensive. He also provides all the containers for the different medicinal products we will make. It is not required to attend the course, but recommended if you want to take home some amazing medicine that you most likely would not be able to harvest locally.

Note: You’re welcome to camp out at our survival camp the night before, during, and after a class to save on hotel expenses. Please let us know in advance! Thanks!

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