(Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape)

Difficulty Rating: Level 3hardcore me

SERE is not for the faint of heart! Tactical survival is an entirely different challenge than just surviving under normal conditions. When people seek to hurt you and its a must to escape and evade; you sure as hell don’t want it to be the first time you have ever done it. Kidnapping is one of the biggest criminal enterprises in the world, and Americans are targets world wide! Not to mention natural disasters or other calamaties that a person might find themselves in, so this course and Urban SERE  are going to prepare you for the worst of the worst. You’ve been kidnapped, you do have to escape and evade into a hostile environment, the shit hit the fan for real! SIGMA 3 is going to teach you to perfect your movement skills. Stealth, camoflage, stalking, surveillance and counter surveillance, escape and evasion, and hardcore survival skills will be just some of the skills we cover in these courses. Tactical survival is different than any other kind of survival and this is something unknown to most civilians without previous military training. But the scary thing is that statistically a civilian traveling the world will have a much higher likelihood of being captured by hostiles and killed. Kidnapping is a multi-billion dollar business worldwide and this course will teach you the skills you need to know in safety in whatever hostile area you might find yourself.

Welcome to SERE. The most hardcore civilian SERE training you can get in the world! You will be hunted and you will be forced to escape and evade expert trackers with a number of advanced resources. Embrace the suck because its just beginning! This course will take a normal civilian and transform them into someone who capable of escaping illegal custody and disappearing back into a safe zone. When traveling you have to be aware of the tactics that criminals use so that instead of becoming prey you can use counter tactics to protect you and your family. These skills could be used in a SHTF scenario, being kidnapped, economic breakdown, being stuck in a hostile country, evading capture, and much more!

This is not a course designed for military personnel, though all the information is pertinent to military operations as well. In this course, you will learn the tactics of special forces in a package every civilian can use! Do you think you have what it takes to make it through SERE?

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Training Synopsis


Shelter/ Fast efficient shelters for someone on the move and in hiding.

Water/ Methods of the scouts for water procurement. How to get it quickly and quietly!

Fire/ Numerous methods for creating fire as well as hiding it.

Food/ Stealthy primitive traps and light weight SERE kits


The evasion section of the class will cover how to avoid tracker teams, land navigation using primitive methods, counter tracking, improvised camo and stealth tactics,  and the technique the elite military units have been using for decades to elude trackers.


This portion of the course is the whole point of the class, nothing prepares your mind for capture better than the resistance phase. After this course you will fully understand why you can never be captured. In order to survive these situations, you must have preliminary training. You will learn how to deal with your interrogator, what to say, and how to deal with being captured. The interrogation phase is optional, though highly recommended. After the training, even the most average of people will be able to escape and evade. But if you decide to go through with it, you will be treated badly and interrogated harshly so be prepared for it. Many people enjoy the exercise, its a real deal mind game that will teach the most important rule in tactical survival. Never get captured!


The escape portion of the course will teach you how to escape various types of restraints including: handcuffs, zip ties, duct tape, ropes, and much more! And once you learn how to escape then you will be taught various methods for avoiding your pursuers in the wilderness. We will teach you how to counter track and how to build man traps to deter an enemy that follows you!

The final day will be an all day FTX where you will be interrogated, escape custody, and then be forced into the woods to avoid the tracker teams that will be pursuing you over a day and half. You will avoid the trackers and then have to navigate to a rendevous point where you will meet up with your cadre for evacuation and debriefing! Come see if you have what it takes to make it through SERE, because not everyone does. High attrition rate in this course!

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Recommended Survival Gear for SERE

Tough Camo Clothing (Multi-cam; Knee and Elbow Pads Recommended), Various Urban Clothing for changing appearance, Poncho or Rain Gear, Stainless Steel Canteen, Fixed Blade Knife,  firestarter, flashlight or headlamp, Paracord, Good Boots, Camo Face Paint, Overnight Camping Gear, Mini Water Filter or Water Bottle Filter, Binoculars

SERE KitSIGMA 3 Survival Escape and Evasion Gear

Recommended Escape & Evasion Gear: Titanium Bogota Lock Picks, concealable plastic handcuff key, folding razor saw, fire starter, and handcuff shim.

Required Urban Escape and Evasion Kit ($45) Urban Security and Evasion Kit or Folding Razor Saw, along with other of these items on our online store: SurvivalGear.us

We want to provide the best training possible, and in order to do so, it is vital that the gear we use is top notch.  It is also important that when you leave this course that you have the tools needed to apply your training.  We are now requiring all students to have the mandatory Urban Escape and Evasion Kit for this course.  This will allow for students to get familiar with their own tools, and then be able to take them with them when they leave.


Food and Water: Water will be provided and food is your own choice.

Cost: $695

Instructors: Robert Allen (Owner) & Justin Williams (Director)

Length: 5 Days/4 Nights

Location: Mansfield, Mo – Headquarters

Overnight Camping: Your welcome to stay at our camp the day before and the day  after the course in order to save money on travel costs. Let us know in advance, thanks!

Food and Water: Water will be provided and food is your own choice.






top_down_fireThis course is an absolute must have because fire making is one of the single most difficult bushcraft skills to master and we are going to make it easy for you by giving you all the secrets! If you can’t make fire after this class, then you should probably stay at the house because this is the most comprehensive fire class you can get! From teachers who live this lifestyle full time and build hundreds of friction fires each year. Our survival fire making course will teach you the ancient methods as well as the modern ones. SIGMA 3 Cadre will show you how to do the bow drill, hand drill, solar, ferro rod, the all night fire, and much more! Each student will thoroughly understand how to make a fire in any environment they find themselves after this class. The class will begin with a hunt for fire making materials and the instructors will teach each student what materials to look for and what tinder works best. No pre made kits in this course! After each student has gathered enough materials then the instructor will demonstrate each method and begin letting the student make their own kits. We believe its very important for the student to learn how to make fire 100% from scratch in case they are ever caught in a situation with no modern materials or tools.








After each student has successfully carved and performed the various fire making methods, then we will move on to wilderness water procurement. Water is one of the most important things in a survival situation and the instructors will demonstrate several methods from making natural filters to primitive boiling techniques with no pots or pans. And we will also cover the use of modern tools for cleansing water. This will be a laid back course that will not overly exert students and will be relaxing escape to primitive wilderness education. The class is 2 days/1 night! Hope to see you there!

Equipment Needed: Knife, outdoor clothing, boots, overnight camping gear, small backpack, and food. Check Recommended items list for more details!