Advanced Survival Training Standard - Survival School
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Advanced Survival Training Standard

Advanced Survival Standard Course $495

  • 2018 Dates Available:

    April 15-21, June 24-30, November 11-17

  • Locations

    Missouri and Satellite Locations

  • Duration:

    7 Days / 6 Nights

  • Difficulty:

    Level 2

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The advanced survival training standard course takes the skills from the Survival Standard Course and builds on them to enable you to survive long term in the wilderness. This advanced wilderness survival training course is designed to take your bushcraft skills to the next level and hone the fine art of living from the land. The techniques we are going to demonstrate are the same tactics our survival instructors have used in their own longer term bushcraft trips and we have proven these techniques in a variety of environments and have always met success with them.

SIGMA 3 isn’t going to teach you dogmatic techniques you will find in survival manuals, we are going to show you what we call “The 1% Information” that separates the men from the boys when it comes to surviving in comfort in the wilderness. Some of the techniques demonstrated in this survival course were used by our instructor Josh Hamlin to live off the land for over 2 years with no modern tools!  The purpose of the wilderness survival training courses is to slowly transition you into being able to live off the land and make you a completely self reliant survivalist. I can promise you after this course is over you won’t fear the wilderness anymore, getting lost will be a vacation to get some dirt time instead of a survival scenario! *You do not need to take the Standard course to attend this. No pre-requisites required!


  • Butchering- You will kill, butcher, and process a goat from beginning to end with nothing but stone flakes. No knife!
  • Bushcraft Cooking- We will process the goat and teach you jerky making as well as several other long term food preservation in the wild.
  • Making rawhide from the hide and processing it into useful cordage.
  • Building a Survival Bow (Quicky bow)- This section will show you how to make a bow of similar quality to a longbow in a few days without pre-drying the stave.
  • Primitive Hand drill and Totally Primitive Bow Drill using bark cordage
  • Advanced Survival Trapping- We will cover a plethora of primitive and modern traps.
  • Basket Fish Traps & other useful fishing tactics- You will build a large basket fish trap, crawdad trap, and other survival fishing tactics.
  • Basket Making, Containers, & Quivers
  • Wild edibles and medicinal plants
  • Flint Knapping and Stone Tool Construction
  • Bow tools- arrowheads, awls, & fish hooks
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  • Chris Wilkes (Alone Season 4 Participant) Hattiesburg, MS

    Justin Sage Williams not only has great skills but he also has the ability to effectively teach those skills to others. His input on my handrill technique led to a fat ember on my board on my next attempt, in the eastern Woodlands at that. He’s professional and courteous, and amazingly devoid of unnecessary ego BS, which can be a rarity in this field. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone serious about learning bushcraft and survival skills.

  • Ken G. St. Peters, MO

    One I will never forget! Justin Williams was professional and demonstrated each skill thoroughly. He explained 4 or 5 levels of detail with every skill and instruction. I highly recommend Sigma 3.

  • Cole Revel Central, MO

    SIGMA’s overall love and respect for the wilderness and sharing that wealth of knowledge is infectious! I was discussing with fellow classmates how so many “schools” are popping up these days in the field of bushcraft and survival it’s hard to know who is to rely on or put faith in for your education when your life could truly be on the line. Sigma 3 standards that they have set forth in an industry that’s flooded with imitators should be a testament to the fact that with you leading the charge for their education, Sigma 3 truly stand behind their training and understand that even instructors are students and they never stop learning. It’s so refreshing and wonderful to hear from an instructor that is humble and reflects that in his teaching and continued learning. I’m very pleased I took this course and I highly suggest Sigma 3 Survival School.


Food and Water: Water will be provided and food is your own choice. You can also purchase food locally once you get here. Walmart and several local eateries are within a close drive away.

Recommended Survival Kit: SurvivalGear.US

The survival training is very intensive and is almost entirely hands on with very little lecture time. The advanced survival training standard is not so difficult that family and children can’t attend though. This is the perfect family course for learning bushcraft in a family friendly environment. These are skills that your friends will be impressed with the next time you go camping and these are skills that tend to stick with you for a lifetime. The skills are taught in a laid back survival camp environment and this class is an important build up to our Scout Survival Challenge. Our advanced survival training standard course will prepare you for our grueling final scout survival course, but this course is fairly easy. Self Reliance skills truly give you an empowered feeling because after your training with SIGMA 3 Survival School, you will be confident to walk into any environment and take care of yourself, your friends, and your family. If you need advanced survival training to increase your bushcraft skills and overall comfort, then this is the perfect course for you!

In this course, we will take you far beyond the normal survival training of the 72 hour survivor. Not only will you learn survival skills but you will also learn how to process an animal from beginning to end. Each class will kill a goat and process it for food and for learning. You will make cordage from it’s hide and then we’ll teach you how to make it into cordage so you can have better rope for friction fire. This course is going to re-connect you with the survival skills that kept our ancestors alive since the beginning of time, and teach you how to not just survive but how to thrive in the wilderness. We always teach our students that you don’t get any kudos for suffering, the superior survivor will use his knowledge of wilderness survival training to make life easy instead of a struggle. Always trying to attain some basic level of comfort in your shelter, procuring water quickly and efficiently, making fire on a whim in any conditions, and forage food in abundance from the land around us is what SIGMA 3 cadre strives to teach our students.

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