The Survival Trapper, Premier Survival Trapping Course, Primitive Traps
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The Survival Trapper

The Survival Trapper $195

  • 2018 Dates:

    Nov 24-25, Dec 23-24

  • Locations

    Missouri, Satellite Locations

  • Duration

    2 Days / 1 Night

  • Difficulty Rating

    Level 2

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This survival trapper course will cover absolutely every aspect of trapping that you need to know for your survival and bushcraft needs. We always tell students that survival is very much a lazy man’s game, because the goal is to burn less calories than you expend daily. That is why trapping is such a pivotal skill because traps will work for you while you’re sleeping and when you’re at camp doing nothing. While hunting requires a great expenditure of calories in order to procure that meat. Hunting is great but the best hunter will never out produce a great trapper under any conditions! Your trap is hunting for you 24/7.


The great thing about these traps is that you can make them from just sticks and stuff you find in the woods or city! We will also cover the modern traps that can be purchased very cheaply that are extremely effective and lightweight! We have always taught trapping in our survival courses but after years of running these programs we realize that our students absolutely love trapping and so we wanted to offer a course that would teach you all the best bushcraft traps as well as all the modern trapping tactics in one course! And that means you will have the chance to build almost every great survival trap you will ever need to get meat and fish in the wilderness! We want to show you how to eat like a king in the woods!


  • Several types of primitive spring pole style snares
  • Numerous deadfalls that require no tools to build
  • Modern trapping and using conibear traps, foot holds, and snares
  • Tracking and the best place to put traps
  • Bird trapping and fishing traps
  • Live game traps; modern and primitive

Not only will we teach you how to build bushcraft style traps to get red meat, but we will also show you how to do build some effective survival fishing traps as well! Fishing can be one the easiest ways to get a sustainable protein source for long term survival and we will show you how to be a top notch survival trapper. If you want to insure that you have food no matter where you go in the world, then our survival trapper standard course will show you just what you need to know to survive in comfort and have a full belly!

Food and Water: Water will be provided and food is your own choice.

Overnight Camping: Your welcome to spend the night before and night after the course at our camp! There may be an additional fee of $5 per extra night, at our Arkansas location.

Minimum Required Equipment: Fixed blade knife preferable a mora style knife, outdoor clothing, boots, folding saw, paracord, snare wire, overnight camping gear, small backpack. Check Recommended items list for more details!

Recommended Gear: TRAPS TO BRING: 2) #120 Body Grip Traps | 2) 1 3/4″ Coil Spring Foothold Traps | 4-6) 3/64 7×7 Cable Snares with Slide Locks | 4-6) Cable Earth Anchors with Quick Links | Lineman Pliers, Flat Blade Screwdriver, and Shovel

Airport and Bus Stops: If you are arriving by bus or plane, we can pick you up. Contact us to make arrangements.


  • Course:Date:
  • Survival Trapper Nov 24, 2018 - Nov 25, 2018
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  • Survival Trapper Dec 23, 2018 - Dec 24, 2018
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  • Survival Trapper Feb 23, 2019 - Feb 24, 2019
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  • Survival Trapper Apr 01, 2019 - Apr 02, 2019
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  • Survival Trapper Jul 01, 2019 - Jul 02, 2019
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  • Survival Trapper Nov 25, 2019 - Nov 26, 2019
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