Urban SERE - Survival School
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Urban SERE


Urban SERE $395

  • 2018 Dates:

    Aug 24-26

  • Locations:

    Colorado, Missouri, Virginia

  • Duration:

    3 Days / 2 N:ights

  • Difficulty Rating:

    Level 2

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Urban Escape and Evasion
for Hostile Urban Environments (3 Days)

Our SERE program is designed to teach you all the skills you need to escape illegal detention, survival disasters, and travel in hostile areas. This course essentially covers just the urban portion, the escape and evasion, and relevant skills for someone needing to escape the city.  Not only will be cover urban survival techniques for disasters, but we have a comprehensive anti-kidnapping section of the course that will teach you how to not get kidnapped, and if you do we will show you how to escape and deal with illegal custody!

What will you learn?

Phase 1 Urban Survival Preps and Equipment; Urban Survival Tactics

  • Preparations, equipment, making travel plans, operational caches, creating spot maps and communications plans, creating escape routes, blending with the baseline and how to disguise yourself.
  • The urban survival priorities: shelter, water, fire, and food procurement. How to improvise urban items for your basic survival needs. Urban Security/ Bugging in vs bugging out, off grid home alarm systems, barricading your home and home defense.

Phase 2 Anti-Kidnapping Phase

  • Surveillance and Counter surveillance, how to detect surveillance teams, how to lose tracker teams and surveillance, etc
  • Restraint escape and lock picking, getting out of all kinds of restraints to include: duct tape, wire, rope, handcuffs; dealing with interrogation and kidnappers, improvised weapons when in illegal custody

Phase 3: Self Defense and Weapons

  • Knife Fighting, weapons disarms, basic self defense tactics. During this phase we will show the tactics criminals use and how to counter them.

Urban SERE is designed to cover a broad range of dangers you might encounter in an urban survival situation to include: civil unrest, natural disasters, martial law, being kidnapped and illegal custody, and so much more. SIGMA 3 Survival School only hires the most elite operators and your instructors are the real world special forces operators that have decades of experience in these specialty skills sets.  If you are traveling or are worried about urban survival, then this is the best course in the country available to civilians to get you prepared. This class fills extremely fast so if you have interest in obtaining special forces style skills at a reasonable price then this is the course for you!

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Recommended Survival Gear for SERE

*You don’t have to buy this gear to attend the course, but it’s highly recommended that you bring equivalent types of gear! Tough Camo Clothing (Multi-cam; Knee and Elbow Pads Recommended), Various Urban Clothing for changing appearance, Poncho or Rain Gear, Stainless Steel Canteen, Fixed Blade Knife,  firestarter, flashlight or headlamp, Paracord, Good Boots, Camo Face Paint, Overnight Camping Gear, Mini Water Filter or Water Bottle Filter, Binoculars

SIGMA 3 Survival Escape and Evasion Gear

Recommended Escape & Evasion Gear: Titanium Bogota Lock Picks, concealable plastic handcuff key, folding razor saw, fire starter, and handcuff shim.

Required Urban Escape and Evasion Kit ($45)Urban Security and Evasion Kit or Folding Razor Saw, along with other of these items on our online store: SurvivalGear.us

We want to provide the best training possible, and in order to do so, it is vital that the gear we use is top notch.  It is also important that when you leave this course that you have the tools needed to apply your training.  We are now requiring all students to have the mandatory Urban Escape and Evasion Kit for this course.  This will allow for students to get familiar with their own tools, and then be able to take them with them when they leave.

Food and Water: Water will be provided and food is your own choice.