Weekend Workshops - SIGMA 3 Survival School
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Weekend Workshops

The mission behind the weekend survival workshops is to give specific skills training to people who can’t attend our Standard Courses. These weekend courses cover the same skills as our Standard Courses, but this program was specifically designed to meet the need of our locals that wish to take their training to the next level but can’t take off significant amounts of time for work! So if your looking for local training, at a reasonable price, then make sure to check out our training schedule for dates!

  • Wild Plant Walk Duration: 1 Day

    Wild Plant Walk

    Plant Identification and Uses

    Goal: At the end of this class you will be able to positively identify several plants, as well as have a basic understanding of their edible and medicinal uses. You will learn about plant families, basics of botany, and get a general overview of herbalism.

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  • Fieldcraft Duration: 2-3 Days


    Camo, Concealment, Tracking, Navigation

    Goal: To equip you with the skills necessary to become one with your surrounding. Learn survival essentials, camo, concealment, tracking, and basic land navigation.

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