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Virginia Survival School Open! Classes Scheduled


Virginia Survival School Open! Classes Scheduled


SIGMA 3 Survival School is finally opening our Virginia Survival School programs. After almost a year of anticipation we have finally got our classes in Virginia up and running. It has been hectic finding an instructor, so Rob has just decided to come out and teach them himself. Eugene Runkis was scheduled to teach programs for us but due to his hectic TV schedule shooting for his 3rd season of Hillbilly Blood, he couldn’t make it for 2015.

The Virginia Survival school wing of SIGMA 3 will be a unique training location to say the least! We have full access to a full scale permaculture farm in Ridgeway, Virginia and a 150 acres of backwoods to play around on! Starting this December we will be hosting our first series of standard courses. So not only will you get top notch survival training, but you will also get to tour a sustainable permaculture farm and maybe get some ideas for your place.

December 27-31 2014; Jan 1-5, 2015; Jan 6-8, 2015

The Survival Standard, The Advanced Survival Standard, and The Primitive Bowyer!

Click here for more info on our Virginia Survival School training location!

These are our 3 most popular survival standard classes and we will be running them back to back! Students have been begging us for over a year to get these courses scheduled, so if you plan to get a slot in this course you had better register soon. Demand is high and supply is low. Thanks for your support of the Self Reliance Movement! More classes in Virginia to come!


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